Rose - Kirsten Osbourne


By Kirsten Osbourne

  • Release Date: 2013-06-01
  • Genre: Historical
4 Score: 4 (From 299 Ratings)

Book Synopsis

Pampered socialite Rose is used to men falling at her feet. But her match with handsome Dr. Shawn Henry leaves her feeling less than adored. Has Rose fallen in love with a man who can’t love her back?

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Latest Impressions

  • So Cute!

    By Purple2292
    I think I’ve read this book 20 times already! It’s one of those stories that you never get sick of. It’s an interesting spin of the “unrequited love” theme. Rose is not only pampered but a bit self-obsessed. She have had dozens of suitors, who has declared their undying love for her. So naturally, when she meats Doctor Shawn Henry, who’s also a bit full of himself, she is sure that he loves her. What I find most entertaining about this read is that the author does a fabulous job switching between perspectives. On one hand, you have Rose, misinterpreting the gestures that Doctor Shawn, who acts as if the courting process is tedious. Rose, doesn’t find out that the dentist doesn’t love her until after they make love on their wedding night, which serves as a bucket of ice water dumped onto the character. What I love about this book is that there is more to Rose. Through out the story, she shows a compassionate, that many are surprised to see. She volunteers in a battered women shelter and helps two of her siblings with their own love stories. She finally gets to know Doctor Shawn, who in turn sees that Rose is truly a gem. She doesn’t have to change as a person, though, I feel like Rose does mature through the book. If you’re looking for a historical romance that has flawed but lovable characters, this is the book for you!
  • Out of this world terrible

    By Howling gale
    This is ridiculous! Two people acting childishly, yet i read it anyway just to torture myself😬
  • Rose

    By SonjaSB
    A fun read. I so enjoy the MAil Order Brides series. I wish I could be a writer. It seems such fun to offer such exciting stories for others. Sonja S Bracey
  • Communication!

    By Olderheart
    I liked this story and I hope the young folks that read it will take it to heart. Marriage is hard work and it takes more than the excitement one feels at the onset of a new relationship. A lack of communication can cause months even years of heart ache. The parents learned from their mistake with the first daughter (Rose) and held fast to an age appropriate for courting. It was refreshing to see Shawn and Rose grow in their marriage, family and leaders which the community can rely on.
  • Rose.

    By Ailata
    It's classic. It's beautiful story. Love it.