UnStrung - Neal Shusterman & Michelle Knowlden


By Neal Shusterman & Michelle Knowlden

  • Release Date: 2012-07-24
  • Genre: Coming of Age
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 127 Ratings)

Book Synopsis

How did Lev Calder move from an unwillingly escaped Tithe to a clapper? In this revealing short story, Neal Shusterman opens a window on Lev’s adventures between the time he left CyFi and showed up at the Graveyard.

Pulling elements from Neal Shusterman’s critically acclaimed Unwind and giving hints about what is to come in the riveting sequel, UnWholly, this short story is not to be missed.

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Latest Impressions

  • This story should not exist.

    By ECKohns
    One of the first rules of writing is, "show don't tell." Shusterman shouldn't have to release a bonus story explaining how Lev goes from one place to another in detail. Because he should've already explained it in Unwind. Details like those are essentially in the story your telling. Otherwise, why should I, the reader, care? The fact that Shusterman didn't explain this stuff in the first book just comes off as lazy. And it only makes him look worse if he has to release the information he should've already written in a separate book.
  • Loved it

    By Kid Hype
    I read Unwind Last year and when i found out about Unwholly, I was going to read it for school but then i found out about Unstrung and i told my teacher i HAVE to read Unstrung before i read Unwholly even though it wasn't on my reading list for my class. This short story is so amazing
  • Brilliance

    By MrFivetimes1
    Excellent! Perfect and extremely satisfying for Unwind fans. Even for its shortness, it was actually extremely satisfying.
  • Kinda spoiler alert

    By Insulted zero stars
    Overall I love it, I feel you need to read Unstrung just to understand certain thing from Unwind. The preview to Unwholly felt like I was reading EVERLOST kind of the same plotting if you ask me.
  • Finally!

    By Futprint
    I have been waiting years for a sequel to Unwind to come out and was so happy when I found out about Unstrung. My entire family and all of my friends read Unwind and many of them said it was better than the Hunger Games! Wouldn't that be a cool movie? :)