Tempting the Dangerous Tycoon - Elizabeth Lennox

Tempting the Dangerous Tycoon

By Elizabeth Lennox

  • Release Date: 2022-01-14
  • Genre: Contemporary
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 7 Ratings)

Book Synopsis

He would never be played for a fool!  

Stavros Teresi was furious when he learned that one of his previous mistresses was going to release a tell-all book about him.  He had to stop her!  And as soon as he met the beautiful, spunky Annie, he had a two-part plan.  
What he hadn’t expected was to discover that the gorgeous baker was more than just frosting deep.  She was more like a jelly donut - sweet and wonderful, exciting both inside and out.  Something about her called to his soul and soothed the angry beast. 
He also hadn’t expected to find out that she’d embezzled over one million dollars from him!  

Annie Stevenson prided herself on two things: her creative, crazy donut flavors and her ability to run a kick-ass bakery.  Until one day when she realized that she’d been robbed!  Now she couldn’t pay the rent on her business space!  Her only option is to appeal for a bit more time to resolve this latest crisis.  
Meeting Stavros Teresi, the building’s tall, hunky, oh-so-fabulously-scary owner was a shock.  And she was even more stunned when he proposed!  Yes, it would be a fake marriage.  But as she stared up into his challenging eyes, Annie realized that this man needed her.  And she…maybe…needed him?  
So when he accuses her of stealing from him, her whole world is shattered.  Could she find the true culprit?  And when she found this person, could she ever forgive Stavros for thinking she could commit such a heinous crime? 

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Latest Impressions

  • Tempting love

    By Cher o
    Annie and her friends are part of a book club, she also runs a bakery. A tall, dark and handsome customer comes in every Friday and her cohorts in the club can’t figure why she doesn’t talk to him, Annie thinks he is way out of her league. In Tempting the Dangerous Tycoon Stavros Teresi is that man, and he is currently in a dilemma. A former lover, model Sylvia Latch has written a book claiming to know all of Stavros’ secrets. He is livid because he is a private person and hasn’t divulged anything this once again proves that women are not trustworthy. Meanwhile, Annie is facing a huge problem her night manager has embezzled money from her and she is livid! Stavros decides that he can help Annie with her financial issues if she helps him by having a fake marriage! Neither of them trusts the opposite sex so this will be an interesting arrangement. This is the type of story that draws you in and has you rooting for them hoping fake becomes real and hoping that the embezzler gets caught big time!