The Endless Banquet 3 - Hamzah Abdul-Malik

The Endless Banquet 3

By Hamzah Abdul-Malik

  • Release Date: 2020-04-12
  • Genre: Islam

Book Synopsis

Every Ramadan, millions of Muslims struggle to read the translation of the Quran cover to cover, but how many of us have unlocked its secrets and made sense of its meanings? There is a way to do that, and the American Azhari Imam Hamzah Abdul-Malik will show you how.

This book introduces the reader to a dialogue with the Qur’an like never before. It opens understandings of the translation. It summarizes each section of a particular Juz highlighting key concepts you need to better understand the guidance within. It connects the reader to the circumstances of revelation, revealing insight to the lives of Sahabah and broadening the scope and depth or our connection to them.

Come on a journey of discovery as you delve deep into a vast banquet of knowledge, wisdom, and guidance. You will never read Qur’an the same way again!

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