Living a Life of Awareness - Don Miguel Ruiz

Living a Life of Awareness

By Don Miguel Ruiz

  • Release Date: 2013-12-05
  • Genre: Spirituality
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 19 Ratings)

Book Synopsis

For the first time ever, the Toltec wisdom from the Ruiz family is bound together in a book of Daily Meditations. 

Readers are invited on a six-month journey of daily lessons with don Miguel Ruiz Jr. that are designed to inspire, nourish, and enlighten adherents as they travel along the Toltec path. 

Drawing on years of apprenticeship under his father and grandmother, don Miguel Ruiz Jr. shares Toltec lessons on Love, Faith, Agreements, and most importantly: Awareness. The purpose of each meditation is to guide readers into a deeper understanding of his or her self, as well as the world in which we live.

In the introduction to the book, don Miguel Ruiz Jr. reminds readers that progress on the Toltec path is not measured by the acquisition of things, status, or even ideas, but rather the complete and total realization that everything in the world is perfect, exactly the way it is at this moment.

“Love is accepting ourselves just the way we are, with all of our flaws and our ever-changing belief system. You are nothing else but who you are. You are not the person you were a year ago. You are not the person you will be in a year. You aren't even the person you think you are. You simply are, and that must be enough.
” —don Miguel Ruiz Jr. 

This book will have special appeal to those already familiar with his father’s books The Four Agreements, The Mastery of Love, and The Fifth Agreement, as well as don Miguel Ruiz Jr.’s own book, The Five Levels of Attachment. It also makes a wonderful gift. 
"Whether he’s talking about Letting Go of Perfection, Following Your Heart, Taking Off the Mask, or Living Your Life as a Work of Art, don Miguel Ruiz’s son speaks from the heritage of Toltec wisdom that was passed on to him by his grandmother and his father. He not only learned the lessons well, he has made them his own. In this book of short lessons and meditations he puts the wisdom into his own heart-felt words in a way that truly brings them into daily life. Your customers will find that the message of the book — that everything in life is interconnected and is perfect in the moment — is very similar to that of Buddhist mindfulness practice. There is an earthy quality in the way Ruiz expresses those ideas that makes this book of daily meditations particularly comforting." –Anna Jedrziewski, Retailing Insight, December 2013 
don Miguel Ruiz, Jr., is a Nagual, or a Toltec Master of Transformation, and the author of The Five Levels of Attachment. He is a direct descendant of the Toltecs of the Eagle Knight lineage, and is the son of don Miguel Ruiz, Sr., author of The Four Agreements. He lives in Sacramento California with his wife and two children. 

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