Joy of Balance - Divya Alter & Rachel Vanni

Joy of Balance

By Divya Alter & Rachel Vanni

  • Release Date: 2022-09-06
  • Genre: Special Diet

Book Synopsis

Discover what ‘healthy eating’ means for you in this follow-up cookbook to What to Eat for How You Feel, featuring 80 plant-based recipes and insights on Ayurvedic nutrition.

One of Food Network’s “10 Best Vegetarian Cookbooks of the Year”

This indispensable kitchen companion takes the reader on a flavorful journey to a new, more personalized relationship with food. Chef Divya Alter pulls from her wealth of knowledge of Ayurvedic nutrition, sharing life-giving information on how to select and cook essential plant-based ingredients that are the right fit for the individual’s needs. The 80 globally inspired recipes empower the health-conscious cook to create delicious meals with a bonus: increased vitality, joy, and balance.
Alter takes the relevant self-healing wisdom of the past and brings it forward by teaching us to delight, nourish, and heal, ingredient by ingredient, through flavorful meals such as sunflower-beet hummus, cream of fennel soup, adzuki bean and red lentil patties, asparagus pizza, and rose chocolate mousse. This book makes the reader want to be healthy, encouraging them to develop an intimate relationship with the grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and dairy that make up their meals.

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