The Rose and the Duke - Jillian Eaton

The Rose and the Duke

By Jillian Eaton

  • Release Date: 2022-05-12
  • Genre: Historical

Book Synopsis

Four roses, pretty and fair
All with different color hair
Lenora, stern and strict and wise
Bridget, quiet, bookish, and shy
Annabel who wants happily after
Eloise who will bend to no master
In their secret garden waiting
For a man to set their heart racing...

As the eldest of four sisters, Lenora has always taken life far too seriously. Looking after her brood of wayward siblings like a mother hen, she has disregarded any and all advances from handsome gentlemen. Who has time for courtships when she's busy pulling her sisters out of trees? Until she meets a duke whose smoldering stare is impossible to ignore...

A renowned scoundrel, Perth never takes anything seriously. Until he meets the infuriatingly stubborn Lady Lenora Rosewood. Completely impervious to his charms, she presents a unique challenge. And even though stern schoolmarms are decidedly not his type, Perth vows to loosen those too-tight corset strings one way or another…

Equal parts romantic, humorous, and tantalizingly passionate, The Rose and the Duke is the first book in a brand new series from best-selling author Jillian Eaton!

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The Rose and the Duke
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