Veil Witch - Ciara Graves

Veil Witch

By Ciara Graves

  • Release Date: 2022-04-04
  • Genre: Fantasy
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 33 Ratings)

Book Synopsis

There's a whole other world that exists and humans have no idea. That other world is known as Darkness. The Earth that humans know is separated from Darkness by a Veil. The beings that live in Darkness are the ones that humans have nightmares about. Supernatural creatures. Fallen angels, demons, vampires, the creatures that mythology is based on.

Dire Island is in the middle of Darkness, and inaccessible to all except the Dire Guardians who also transport the prisoners to Dire Island. No one is ever transferred out of Dire Island. Those sentenced to Dire Island are sentenced for an eternity.

The Veil Witches are hunters and protectors of the veil, their enchantments/wards keep the creatures on the other side of the veil from escaping Darkness and wreaking havoc on humans. Aniesa, who just turned eighteen is a Veil Witch. She's been training with the Sisterhood all her life. Her mother is a high-ranking Veil Witch. Once long ago, her mother met a fallen angel—AKA demon. The Veil Witches are forbidden from consorting with fallen angels. But her mother did. And nine months later, had a baby girl—Aniesa. Aniesa learned on her 18th birthday that her father was a fallen angel. Her mother won't tell say his name. And no one else knows that Aniesa is half-angel, though fallen angel.

At eighteen years old the Veil Witches have to select their first assignment. She's irritated that her mother won't tell her about her father, so she chooses Scout as her assignment. Scouts are assigned to patrol Earth and keep an eye out for "weird stuff" that might be attributed to any creature or being that has escaped through the Veil. They are to fit in and not bring attention to themselves, so she works a job. A normal job, but on the side, she scouts. And scouts.

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