Circle B Ranch: Volume 3 - Kennedy Fox

Circle B Ranch: Volume 3

By Kennedy Fox

  • Release Date: 2022-09-27
  • Genre: Western

Book Synopsis

Meet three Southern men who work hard, but play harder. 
Living on a ranch isn’t easy, but neither is falling in love.

Hadleigh has known the Bishop twins all her life and they’ve never crossed the lines…until now. Admitting what she feels for Knox wouldn’t be so difficult if her childhood best friend Kane hadn’t confessed his feelings for her, too. Now she’s wedged between two brothers—one she could break and one who could break her.

She knows Knox’s main hobby consists of random weekend hookups, but she can’t get the taste of him off her mind.

Kane Bishop’s content with living and working on the ranch, but something’s missing—a family of his own. After his twin brother marries the woman he once loved, Kane moves on and focuses on new things. But when his best friend’s little sister Ivy re-enters his life, the attraction is undeniable, but the timing is all wrong.

He should keep his distance and not tempt fate, but he can’t get Ivy out of his head.

Kaitlyn Bishop is the only woman on the ranch without a husband and kids. A family is all she’s ever wanted, but it’s never been in her cards. Since turning thirty, she’s decided to go to the sperm bank but then her best friend offers to knock her up. Their agreement comes with a set of rules and is purely transactional. Even while trying to protect their hearts, they find themselves in too deep. 

She knows being friends with benefits is a bad idea, but she’s willing to take the risk.

**Volume Three contains three full-length interconnected stand-alone novels in the Circle B Ranch series. It’s the second generation spin-off from the Bishop Brothers series. You don’t need to read any other books beforehand to enjoy these! Suggested for mature readers only.**

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