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Latest Impressions

  • Enthralling

    By AjC12345_2005
    Touching. Relatable. Couldn’t put it down. Amanda you are a true inspiration
  • What a book!

    By Sheila Run
    This book puts you right with the author on the ravages of covid she witnessed first hand. It’s a story of hope and great love, but ultimately loss. Big thanks to this brave author and her co-author sister for telling this story so honestly. Hopefully this helps people see the need to vaccinate and do everything we can to eradicate covid. It’s the most important thing we can do right now. 💖
  • Couldn’t put the book down

    By Mary from Montana
    I am a nurse who has worked in COVID through it all and this book is amazing. I am also not much of a reader but finished the book in 5 days. Thank you for sharing your story, your love and your positive vibes.
  • Incredible, heart filling story!

    By Lizibags
    Beautiful book on life, love and loss. I’m touched by Amanda’s courage and persistence. Inspiring.
  • Live Your Life

    By bwilkins3
    From the first page I could not put this book down. Although it broke my heart and I cried many tears, the beauty of the love, compassion, and support shown by the families, friends, and online supporters just renewed my faith in mankind. Amanda Kloots is a beautiful person, and had I been aware of this story as it was happening, I would definitely have joined her “army”. Excellent book, read in one day!
  • Beautifully written

    By Packerfan412
    I just finished the book sample. Haven’t purchased the book itself yet. Just from the limited pages I’ve read I know I will love the rest of it. I followed Amanda on Instagram throughout Nick’s COVID-19 journey. Prayed daily for him. Was happy to hear she decided to publish a book to tell her husband’s story. Amanda what an amazing wife and mother you are. Just know that Nick is in heaven smiling down on you and Elvis. He is Proud of you for all that you’ve done and are going to accomplish.
  • Good but...

    By Groovy Nik
    Honestly it sounds like at one point she was keeping him alive against his will, I understand she didn’t want to let him go but his quality of life was diminishing rapidly ..
  • Beautiful

    By Cindy.Madden
    Beautiful and thank you for sharing
  • Love it!!!

    By Joshskully
    Amazing and so inspiring. Keeping positive is so important in times like these. Loved how open and honest you are. Great job.
  • Must Read

    By jenny_angelz_fan
    This book made me cry, but it also made me smile. It is a beautiful testament to the power of family, kindness, and positivity. #Liveyourlife ❤️