The Chateau - Penelope Sky

The Chateau

By Penelope Sky

  • Release Date: 2020-10-27
  • Genre: Contemporary
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 150 Ratings)

Book Synopsis

There's a fine line between right and wrong.

And Magnus is on both sides of it.

I don't know much about him, but he's the only reason I'm still alive. I've been taken by a group of heartless men and forced into a labor camp, and even though there's no way out, I still have hope.

I have hope because of him.

He's the only reason I'll escape this place.

Even though he's the villain who works in this camp, he's my hero.

And I know he'll be the hero to everyone else too.

Because that's the price to be with me--and he'll pay any price to be with me.

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Latest Impressions

  • OMG

    By ILl52
    So different from all her other books. At times I was so scared thinking about what was about to happen, I had to put it down. To me that means it was so well written. What an imagination ! Love the characters ! LOVED the book. Can’t wait for the next !
  • Amazing

    By cken35
    I’ve read all of Penelope Sky’s books and this series is shaping up to be my all time favorite! I’ve never written a book review but this book was amazing! Impatiently awaiting the next book!
  • Incredible!

    By Megsmit143
    *I received a free arc for an honest review-* This book completely caught me off guard! The twists and turns were not anything I expected and what happens to raven and Melanie is so unlike any story I have read. It left off on such a cliff hanger! I need to know what happens between Magnus and Raven!!
  • New style of story

    By CarolLee
    This isn’t the “traditional” Penelope style you’re an avid Penelope reader. This story has a lot of depth and character intrigue. The protagonist is really more of a strong willed female giving you the Buttons vibe. Our man in this story obviously has far more to tell than what we learn in the Chateau. This gives you just the beginning of what feels like a story that could continue for several books (and this goes beyond just the relationship between the male/female leads). There is a lot to unpack in this first book and as a reader you definitely feel for the character lead. I have read every single one of penelope’s books and this one is new and different and I’m looking forward to the next book in the series as I think it’s going to give us a lot more! *received this ARC in exchange for an honest unbiased review*
  • A new type of story

    By SimplyAsh
    The Chateau is such a great read! I hated having to put it down, so much so that I read it in one day! This isn’t the first series I’ve read from Penelope and I can never wait patiently to read more from her! She knows how to keep readers wanting more and more. Having their imaginations run wild with anticipation for the next book! I can’t wait to see what happens with Raven and Magnus! They have such a unique, dark and definitely twisted relationship, if that’s what you want to call it. I can’t help but feel the same way about Melanie and Fender too. Hopefully we get more story on them as well. I can’t wait for The Camp, I’m on edge and need to know more lol!
  • The Chateau

    By BellaBean
    1 star... wasn’t worth the time or money
  • Great Read!

    By WheezyH
    REVIEW FOR CHATEAU BOOK 1 “The chateau”, by Penelope Sky as always fantastic read. From the beginning this book has made cry, scared for the sisters, fear and many other emotions. It also shows women built with strength and sacrifice, with courage and how they become even stronger than they realize they are capable of, especially in the conditions they lived through. The story of Raven and Melanie, her sister, who came to visit her in Paris where Raven was living to continue her education abroad. They were living life as normal and then next thing Raven knows Melanie is making the ultimate mistake and follows her to keep her safe. Yet another mess Raven has to clean up. Little did they know what they’re life would be after they were taken. They along with others lived through hell and back. The story highlights two men. Magnus, one of the guards and the boss. It ends on a cliff hanger and has me wanting more! I’m ready to read the next book in the series“The Camp.”
  • Very enjoyable

    By martinezkristina
    Not Penelope’s usual style of book, but I really enjoyed this. Couldn’t put it down, so much suspense!
  • The Chateau

    By Nay Nay 18
    I absolutely fell in love with this book. The creativity behind this storyline was amazing. Seriously the RED SNOW??? I would have never thought of something like that. The timeline seems to be present day but gives you past vibes. It was definitely intense like Ms. Sky said it would be and I took my time and let it last as long as I could. Raven and Magnus are definitely on my best book couple list sitting right under Crow and Pearl. I love the mystery behind Magnus and how he is his own character. He doesn’t automatically come off as someone from her past books so you love to read more about him. I’m hoping by the description of the second series we get more of his POV. I love to read about strong women with personalities and brains to match. Raven definitely gave me that and more. This book was definitely worth the wait and I can’t wait for the second installment.
  • Amazing

    By Prmamakel
    Penelope know how to keep you in suspense and thrill to read the next book. I just hate to have to wait until Jan for the next one.