Always Mine - Kennedy Fox

Always Mine

By Kennedy Fox

  • Release Date: 2020-01-07
  • Genre: New Adult Romance
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 547 Ratings)

Book Synopsis

College parties, beer, and one-night stands—that was my life.

Now, I hunt criminals. Drinking and women are still included, though I can’t seem to forget the underage girl who almost gave me her virginity. I stopped it before it happened and kicked her out.

Years later, we’re reunited. She’s no longer underage but still equally off-limits. After ignoring her relentless advances, she wears me down. I only have so much willpower when she’s around, which is all the damn time now that we’re roommates. Just when my restraint starts to crumble, my poor choices finally catch up with me, putting us both in danger. 

There’s no easy way to explain why I betrayed her, but I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe—even if it means breaking her heart.

ALWAYS MINE is book 1 in the Liam & Madelyn duet and must be read first.
Always Mine and Always Yours is recommended for mature audiences only due to sensitive subject matter. This book contains violent acts, gambling addiction, blackmail, and mafia-related activities.

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Latest Impressions

  • Predictable

    By TanyaShanicee
    Review So this started exactly like Sophie & Masons story. They met beforehand & pretended like nothing happened (which I don’t like) & we’re going back in time to events before the cliffhanger instead of picking up where we left off (which I also don’t like) I get wanting to unravel their stories from the beginning but it could be done another way. This storyline is very boring & a little predictable idk man I’m so disappointed in these. The few reviews that I read all said the same thing but I try to form opinions about things on my own. The cat & mouse things gets old, Liam disappointed & breaking her heart gets old & at some point I just wished it was over already.
  • Meh...

    By Boushey
    The dubious consent at the beginning was not cute and even though it didn’t come to fruition, it spoke volumes about the character. She remained immature and simple throughout the whole book. The plot was jumpy and bogged down with unnecessary details, only to end without any real closure.
  • Too hard to read.

    By SOctC
    I skipped through the majority to see how they were getting lLiam out the mess only to meet a cliffhanger. I’m not curious to buy the next book though. Not gonna pay for something I know I am not gonna read.
  • Confusing plot line

    By sbsbrinson
    Some parts of this book were good but the plot jumps back and forth. Sometimes the story is believable but other times not.
  • Intense drama, funny banter and a wonderful cast of characters

    By mj_toth
    Maddie and Liam are taking me on an emotional roller coaster. From the moment they met, their connection was combustible. Liam is doing his best to keep Maddie at arms length since she is younger than him and is Sophie and Lennon’s baby sister. When Maddie has to move out of her dorm, living with Sophie, Mason and Liam is the best solution, especially for Maddie as she works on breaking down Liam’s walls. Maddie makes it an art form to get under Liam’s skin. I am impressed with his self-control as he combats all of her advances. But Liam finds himself with bigger issues after he lets an acquaintance in Vegas pull him into higher stakes games. When he loses, he finds that he now owes the mob half of the buy in, a dollar amount he doesn’t have. Getting out of this situation is a real challenge. Will Maddie wear down Liam’s defenses? How will Liam repay his debt? Intense drama, funny banter and a wonderful cast of characters, all of which kept me glued to the page needing to know what would happen next.
  • “I’m constantly lost in my head thinking about you.”

    By Romance213
    Liam and Maddie’s relationship had been brewing for a long time and with “Always Mine”, Kennedy Fox has finally answered all of our questions with a passionate, romantic and heart wrenching story. We find out how they first met, how difficult it was for Liam to resist Maddie and if she can possibly deal with his hot and cold behavior. Liam would always remember his steamy encounter with Maddie, and he never thought he would ever see her again. What were the chances that Maddie was the kid sister of Lennon and Sophie, who were his best friend’s wife and girlfriend? This complicated his life to no end so he took extra jobs, went to Las Vegas to gamble and tried his best to stay away from her, but it was a losing battle. She was always on his mind and being in the same room with her made him crazy. Liam was very protective of Maddie and felt that her safety was his main concern. His gambling habit came back to haunt him when he made a deal with the devil, and he was now being held prisoner by a power greater than himself. Liam had many regrets but the biggest one was never telling Maddie how he really felt about her. She was all he ever wanted but now she was slipping away from him and there was nothing he could do about it. His hands were tied, his heart was shattered and his life as he knew it, was over.
  • Liam and Maddie are the couple to read about!

    By Cassie1213
    Liam and Maddie’s duet has been highly anticipated since Baby Mine came out and I can’t believe their story is finally here. I absolutely adore this series because it’s been fun watching all the characters get their own story. Maddie is a great sister, a beautiful dancer and has been crushing on Liam since the very first time she has laid eyes on him.Liam has we wanting my own Bounty hunter. He is hot, a good friend and a little mysterious when it comes to his friends. Maddie and Liam are so fun together. Maddie is so flirty and Liam just can’t handle it. With the age gap and Maddie being inexperienced, Liam just see her as a little girl. Maddie and Liam make an adorable pair, whether it’s as just friends or as a couple. I couldn’t get enough of this story and I can’t wait for Always Yours!!