Don't Retire Broke - Rick Rodgers

Don't Retire Broke

By Rick Rodgers

  • Release Date: 2017-03-25
  • Genre: Health, Mind & Body

Book Synopsis

Retirement planning was simple and predictable 40 years ago. All you needed was your company pension, personal savings and state pension. Those days are long gone. Most public pensions are underfunded and private companies can't get rid of them fast enough. The government is struggling to support the state pension. And most people haven't saved even a fraction of what they should. Retiring comfortably today is not about saving more, it's about saving smart. In DON'T RETIRE BROKE, you will learn: Traps to avoid before you retire. How to maximise state pension benefits. What to do now if you still have a pension. How to keep the tax man out of your pension fund. Isn't it time to make sure you don't retire broke? 'Don't Retire Broke is not meant to be read after retirement; it has to be read, absorbed and assimilated while you are working. I highly recommend this book be included in the curriculum of business schools.' -Ashraf Chaudhry, author, The Craft of Selling 'Yourself' 'What a great read! Simple enough that most everyone should be able to understand its importance.' - Les Willson, counsellor, Financial Peace University

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