The DIY Guide to Home Wi-Fi - Robert Greene

The DIY Guide to Home Wi-Fi

By Robert Greene

  • Release Date: 2015-06-17
  • Genre: Network

Book Synopsis

We’ve all been there before. The red x on the lower right side of the computer screen. No Internet connection. The first thing you do is click it try to reconnect and nothing. You then, for some odd reason yell out “Is ANYONE ELSE having Internet issues?” “YEAH” you hear replied. You run down to the modem or router, who knows the difference. All you see are the lights. Some lights are blinking, most are not and many aren’t even on anymore.

You know that normally, when everything is fine there are a few lights that stay on and the rest seem to blink. That is not the case now. They are all out. Not a twitch, not a blink or a solid light. It begins, your network is down. No one in the house can get online. What started at first from asking if anyone is having connection issues turns into. “I can’t get to YouTube”, “What happened to the music??!!”, “I can’t get my email” and the ever popular “The movie is buffering!!!”.

Now instead of fixing the problem with your usual complete confidence and normal know how. Is this now panicked state, you call the phone/cable/it was a good idea to “bundle” everything company. After you enter your phone number, home address, birthday, zip code, mother maiden name, name of the realtor who sold you the house and the pope’s birthday. You finally connect with a real live person. A person who for some odd reason makes you repeat all of the previous information again. To prove that you are really you. As if a criminal would call the cable company to tell them you have no Internet.

You should be able to fix this yourself. You can fix this yourself. You know that after speaking with the cable/ISP representative for 45 seconds the problem will be fixed. You shouldn’t need to go thought all of that to fix your service. Millions of people have this problem. After today you don’t be, It will be the last time you have to deal with the aforementioned problem. After reading this book you will be an internet connection wizard. You will be the one that yells “I’m on it”. When the net goes down. You will be the one that family members call when their internet goes down. You may even fix a connection issue at the office for the person across the cube from you.

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