Natural Born Heroes - Christopher McDougall

Natural Born Heroes

By Christopher McDougall

  • Release Date: 2015-04-14
  • Genre: Health & Fitness
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 83 Ratings)

Book Synopsis

Author of the phenomenal national best seller, Born to Run, Christopher McDougall now travels to the Mediterranean where he discovers that the secrets of ancient Greek heroes are still alive and well on the island of Crete and in the muscles and minds of fitness enthusiasts everywhere.

While researching Born to Run, Chris McDougall encountered the story of Pheidippides, the legendary ancient Greek "all-day runner." Later, when McDougall met a dedicated amateur historian, he saw a connection to one of the most fascinating mysteries of World War II: How did a small band of Resistance fighters surrounded by German troops kidnap a top German general? What he discovered is that ancestral techniques for extraordinary endurance, natural movement, and nutrition allowed ancient Greek soldiers and Cretan shepherds to race across mountains on all-night missions. Inspired by their heroic acts, McDougall sets off to discover the lost art of the hero, both throughout history and across the world. Just as Born to Runinspired casual runners to get off the treadmill, out of their shoes, and into nature, Natural-Born Heroes will inspire casual athletes to leave the gym and take their fitness to nature doing cross-training, mud runs, parkour and free-running to bound--and climb, swim, skip, wade, and jump--their way to heroic feats.

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Latest Impressions

  • Natural Born Heroes is just superb history

    By Pionski
    A fascinating story of World War II daring on the island of Crete. A little known story of how a rag tag group of British SOE operatives kidnap a German general and, after an extraordinary journey over the mountainous Cretan countryside, are able to extricate him off the island.
  • Amazing

    By thefredelement
    This book has everything, it's a guide for your health and a adventurous recounting that may leave you a bit teary eyed. I can't describe how eye opening yet fulfilling this book is, it moves between times so pleasantly that I had a real sense of nostalgia while reading and simultaneously a yearning to utilize my newly acquired knowledge learned through its pages. I can't recommend this book enough.
  • Natural Born Heroes

    By 2013 MC
    An outstanding book that is part WWII history and part a book about physicality. It kept me interested from beginning to end. If you liked "Born to Run" you'll like this book as well.
  • Right there with born to run if not better

    By Nerdymudder
    Natural Born Heroes is a must read. If Born to Run moved you to run, Natural Born Heroes will move you to be a better person (and maybe try some Parkour on the side). Even if you don't feel the urge to help a stranger, true to form this book motivates you to get active.