Ronin - Frank Miller & Lynn Varley


By Frank Miller & Lynn Varley

  • Release Date: 2013-08-27
  • Genre: Graphic Novels

Book Synopsis

RONIN is the acclaimed epic by Frank Miller, the visionary writer/artist of THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, 300 and Sin City. In this tale of a legendary warrior, the Ronin, a dishonored, masterless 13th Century samurai, is mystically given a second chance to avenge his master's death. Suddenly finding himself reborn in a futuristic and corrupt 21st Century New York City, the samurai discovers he has one last chance to regain his honor: he must defeat the reincarnation of his master's killer, the ancient demon Agat. In a time and place foreign and unfathomable to him, the Ronin stands against his greatest enemy with his life and, more importantly, his soul at stake.

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