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Mystic Rose Therapy: 21 Days

By Prem Geet OceanicMedia

  • Release Date: 2011-06-17
  • Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

Book Synopsis

A moving tribute to Osho Tapoban and Swami Anand Arun of Nepal.

Americans need MRT! "Mystic Rose Therapy--21 Days" by Osho Rose is a description of Enlightened Master Osho's finest therapy, lasting 21 days in Nepal. Come to the "Hospital for the Soul" and the very safest place on Earth to do the difficult release of divorce, death of loved ones, broken dreams, tainted careers, self-hate, crippling past lives, and the horrendous effects of abuse!

The 21-day Mystic Rose Therapy, The Most Powerful Healing on Earth, was created by Osho, an Enlightened Mystic.

Calling all mature Spiritual Seekers...Are you world-weary, life-stuck, feeling hopeless, overweight, sad, grief-suppressed? Ready to go to the next level? Ready for renewal and regeneration? Then Osho's Mystic Rose Therapy is for you. Plan now to check in to the "Hospital of the Soul," Osho Tapoban, led by Bodhisattva Swami Anand Arun. In my many years of transpersonal therapy, rebirthing breathwork, and other healing modalities, this work is simply the most comprehensive and effective healing therapy available today.

Mystic Rose is an intense, radical meditation therapy, accessing our deepest primal emotions of laughter and tears. Participants go on a remarkable inner journey and vision quest, revealing past lives and unconscious contents that heal their deepest wounds. This intense process works much like a shamanic quest but it's much more powerful. Mystic Rose Therapy is like an "intelligent tornado" of inner cleansing for those deeply depressed, sick of life, career-tired, confounded by their relationships, unable to progress spiritually, and fed up with the world.

Making Mystic Rose Therapy More Available to Americans and the West....

About Mystic Rose, Beloved Enlightened Master Osho said, "You cannot believe your own eyes. You have never dreamed that you contain so much, that your potential is so valuable, that your interiority is a treasure inexhaustible, that you need not be in debt to existence forever. You can return to existence a millionfold what existence has given to you. That moment is of great joy, not only on your side but on the side of the whole cosmos.

Boomers, it's time! You're worth healing.
Lose Weight, Like Yourself, Vast Inner Treasures

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