Be Fruitful - Victoria Maizes, MD

Be Fruitful

By Victoria Maizes, MD

  • Release Date: 2013-02-05
  • Genre: Health & Fitness

Book Synopsis

From an internationally recognized integrative physician, a thorough guide to fertility that encompasses all aspects of female well-being to help women prepare their bodies for easy conception, pregnancy, and the delivery of healthy babies.

The increase in environmental toxins, processed foods, and stress, as well as the advancing ages at which couples seek to have children, have made it more difficult for women to conceive. In Be Fruitful, Dr. Victoria Maizes, an expert on women’s health and the executive director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, delivers all the information women and their partners need in order to conceive with ease and confidence, and to bear healthy children.

Warm, friendly, and hands-on, Be Fruitful offers a comprehensive self-assessment to help identify any potential physical, emotional, and practical roadblocks that may interfere with conception, as well as clear and easy-to-follow dietary, supplemental, and exercise recommendations proven to increase optimal fertility. Dr. Maizes details how nutrition, mind-body practices, elimination of environmental toxins, and traditional Chinese medicine can all contribute to a successful pregnancy.

Unique in its integrative approach, Be Fruitful acknowledges that wellness comes from caring for the entire person—not just the physical body—a crucial factor for the countless women trying to conceive and committed to transforming their overall health.

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Latest Impressions

  • A must-have book for the family

    By Marc Sommerset
    Did you know that most babies in the US are born contaminated with over 200 chemicals? what should you personally do about it? How does nutrition affect fertility? What are the important things everyone should know _before_ conceiving a child? This long-expected book from the world's leading Integrative Medicine expert, Dr Victoria Maizes, is based on the latest authoritative research data, is very easy to read, will deeply satisfy any curious individual, and is a must-have resource for the whole family (not just women). It is relevant whether you are thinking about having a baby, want to help your children have healthy babies, or just want to start the conversation to lead a healthier lifestyle as a family.
  • Smart, timely book for women and families.

    By Bay W.
    Dr Maizes offers a smart, approachable book on fertility. The advice is not only great for women but for their partners. Covering nutrition, integrative medicine approaches, Chinese medicine, environmental effects and so much more, Dr Maizes gives families as simple way to make life changes to increase not only their fertility but their health.