Miracle, How to Save & Rebuild Your Heart - Rev. Joe Futterer

Miracle, How to Save & Rebuild Your Heart

By Rev. Joe Futterer

  • Release Date: 2012-04-10
  • Genre: Health & Fitness

Book Synopsis

If you've had heart failure, or even other heart problems, this program will show you a nutritional approach to saving and rebuilding your heart. The author has experienced heart failure and, while working with his cardiologist, he stepped outside of the medical model and used his knowledge of nutrients and researched further into specific nutrients. This process strengthened his heart, shrunk his enlarged heart, increased his ejection fraction, and improved his vitality. His cardiologist calls him "miracle". A great step by step how to guide. Excellent info on where to buy the individual supplements at the lowest cost for the highest quality. Excellent reference section, very educational. The author has addressed a single, specific health issue (congestive heart failure) that affects a large number of people, and the story he tells is his own story. Not only that, but the research he describes is real research, done on himself, well documented, of the kind that any medical researcher could be proud of. Furthermore, the natural remedies he describes as part of his recovery regimen have all been thoroughly researched, and the documentation to back up his claims is included in a very extensive references section. Anybody who would like to vet this information for themselves will find all the tools available to do it at their fingertips. One of the aspects you will appreciate is the sense of empowerment that the author conveys to you. He shows you how you can become your own health mentor and how to make healthy choices in your life. This is truly a "self-help" book. It's not often you come across a self help book that truly gives you easy to understand information. Why modern medicine refuses to admit that there are natural remedies available that can strengthen the heart, is beyond belief. Why should people have to endure horrible side effects from chemicals when supplements are less likely to cause problems for patients? This book can really give you hope that you can have the power to make a difference in your health regardless of what disease. It is simple and functional in its step by step approach, but very informative with supporting references. It seems to have a lot to do with our belief systems, and in believing in nature's substances rather than just the chemicals offered by the pharmacy. A powerful theme is that the human body has the ability to repair and renew itself. Traditional thought has downplayed this in the past, but even brain and heart cells do regenerate as we are finding out now. However you must provide your body with the nutritional materials or building blocks to do this. This book saves many hours of research about supplements

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