Happiness Is a Serious Problem - Dennis Prager

Happiness Is a Serious Problem

By Dennis Prager

  • Release Date: 2009-10-13
  • Genre: Self-Improvement
4 Score: 4 (From 37 Ratings)

Book Synopsis

In this unique blend of self-help and moral philosophy, perfect for fans of Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project or Dan Harris’ 10% Happier, talk-radio host Dennis Prager shows us that happiness isn’t just a value—it’s a moral obligation.

When you ask people about their most cherished values, “happiness” is always at the top of the list. In this enduring happiness manifesto, Prager examines how happiness not only makes us better people, but has an effect on the lives of everyone around us—providing them with a positive environment in which to thrive and be happy themselves.

Achieving that happiness won't be easy, though: to Prager, it requires a continuing process of counting your blessings and giving up any expectations that life is supposed to be wonderful. "Can we decide to be satisfied with what we have?" he asks. "A poor man who can make himself satisfied with his portion will be happier than a wealthy man who does not allow himself to be satisfied." Prager echoes other political commentators in complaining that too many people today see themselves as victims; he submits that the only way to achieve your desires is to take responsibility for your life rather than blaming others.

If you're willing to put some thought into achieving a happier outlook, you will find plenty to mull over in Happiness Is a Serious Problem.

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Latest Impressions

  • Touches my life each day

    By Mr. Chris Allen
    For me, not a day goes by without applying at least one insight found inside this remarkable book. Mr. Prager's work has made me a better, happier person and the world a better, happier place.