Lifeguard Ken Tells All - Ken Cassie

Lifeguard Ken Tells All

By Ken Cassie

  • Release Date: 2017-04-10
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors

Book Synopsis

Have you ever struggled in the ocean? Things can quickly get scary in the surf, even under ideal conditions. Rip currents can emerge without warning and sweep unsuspecting bathers into deeper water. Lifeguard Ken Tells All brings simple, effective strategies to readers from the witty perspective of a seasoned ocean lifeguard.

Lifeguard Ken Tells All looks at three components of safer bathing: first, understanding how the ocean works; second, effectively responding to danger; and third, coping with a reflex as dangerous as the ocean—our own panic.

For twenty-six summers author Ken Cassie worked as a lifeguard on Atlantic Coast beaches, taking part in one thousand rescues. In recent years, danger in the surf has increased. Larger numbers of people now bathe before and after lifeguard hours, as well as before and after the traditional beach season. Such changes have increased the chances of drowning. The need to understand surf dynamics is greater than ever.

Using anecdotes and drawing upon personal experiences, Ken takes you through the tumbling surf with wry humor. But you’ll need your wits to survive “The Great Deceiver” when the calm, inviting water becomes a churning washtub—and you are the laundry.

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