I Can't Make This Up - Kevin Hart

I Can't Make This Up

By Kevin Hart

  • Release Date: 2017-06-06
  • Genre: Self-Improvement
5 Score: 5 (From 713 Ratings)

Book Synopsis

New York Times bestselling author, superstar comedian, and Hollywood box office star Kevin Hart turns his immense talent to the written word by writing some words. Some of those words include: the, a, for, above, and even even. Put them together and you have a “hilarious but also heartfelt” (Elle) memoir on survival, success, and the importance of believing in yourself.

The question you’re probably asking yourself right now is: What does Kevin Hart have that a book also has?

According to the three people who have seen Kevin Hart and a book in the same room, the answer is clear:

A book is compact. Kevin Hart is compact.

A book has a spine that holds it together. Kevin Hart has a spine that holds him together.

A book has a beginning. Kevin Hart’s life uniquely qualifies him to write this book by also having a beginning.

It begins in North Philadelphia. He was born an accident, unwanted by his parents. His father was a drug addict who was in and out of jail. His brother was a crack dealer and petty thief. And his mother was overwhelmingly strict, beating him with belts, frying pans, and his own toys.

The odds, in short, were stacked against our young hero. But Kevin Hart, like Ernest Hemingway, J.K. Rowling, and Chocolate Droppa before him, was able to defy the odds and turn it around. In his literary debut, he takes us on a journey through what his life was, what it is today, and how he’s overcome each challenge to become the man he is today.

And that man happens to be the biggest comedian in the world, with tours that sell out football stadiums and films that have collectively grossed over $3.5 billion.

He achieved this not just through hard work, determination, and talent. “Hart is an incredibly magnetic storyteller, on the page as he is onstage, and that’s what shines through [in this] genial, entertaining guide to a life in comedy” (Kirkus Reviews).

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Latest Impressions

  • Inspiration

    By DHale17
    I really like this book very inspirational, informative, and shows how hard you’ve worked to get where you are today. I am committed to my business and am thankful to see a comedian show the issues he been through and show how he navigated through those trails.
  • Out loud funny!!

    By DGenine
    I must admit, although I have laughed my butt off and some of Kevin Hart’s work; I had become less of a fan after he cheated on BOTH of his wives. Talk about not learning his lesson. Having said that, I was on my way out of town and wanted to read something light, so I picked it up and read a few pages. Laugh out loud funny! I bought it and am almost done with it, after reading it every night. Lots of lessons wrapped in laughter. I was a little disappointed that he seemed to justify his relationship with his current wife, while STILL married to his now ex-wife. But still enjoyed the book. Well done.
  • I love this book

    By awalters4
    This book is absolutely amazing.. I love it... Kevin Hart is hilarious
  • Amazingly funny

    By Tess8822
    I loved this book. Laughter from beginning to end! It is a must read!!
  • Kev

    By Juwan Buie
  • WOW!! This one goes out to Kevin Hart

    By Hugh rogers 1234567890
    Kevin I know you’ll get a big head if you see this, but I have to say that you sparked a fire in me. This particular fire usually dies out after a while but this is just another opportunity for me to try to keep it alive and burning; I would’ve just extinguished it myself a month ago.
  • Masterpiece!

    By Lladyluck
    I can’t say enough good things about this book. It touched on every emotion you can think of. I feel like I no Mr. Hart personally. Thank you a great read.
  • Can't make this up!

    By TAnsick07
    Kevin Hart is a brilliant artist at his craft. This book has made me laugh, nod my head in agreeance, and really made me understand what hes gone through. Reading about Madison Square Garden reminded me of how he got emotional at the end of his show and i realized how impactful it was to him. What a blessing this book was to read! :) Good job Kevin Hart!
  • Lol

    By SpaceJamAce
    It was a great book, and being from Philly I cant relate to the grind it takes to outlast the people who slept on you or had their doubts about you. Philly is the biggest city with the biggest personality! Way to step up and become great!
  • I❤️❤️him

    By purplegoddes218
    Awesome book incredibly funny honest.